Ted Nugent – Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead – 8/6/2019

by Dave Kasiorek

Ted Nugent was quite the concert experience, and one that I was really glad I got to see. Not only is he a legend in music but also a legend in life, his show was not just about music but also comedy and of course, politics. In a world where most people in show business are better off than the majority and have views that differ from the common man it sure is a breath of fresh air to go to a show and not hear anything against our President, but instead for him. This was an all out American rock and roll extravaganza.

The show kicked off with non other than an instant rock classic “Stranglehold” as Ted played with utter perfection from start to finish wailing on the guitar like he was still in his 20s in the 1970s. After a shredding extended solo the set kicked into the heavier tunes “Gonzo” and “Paralyzed” showing you that even for his age Ted is not playing around, just like the tour is called shit kicker, it sure was.

After bringing out a shiny American flag guitar Ted called out the branches of military as the servicemen stood to applause of everyone in attendance, including the band. After some hilarious political jokes and the backdrop of another American flag displayed behind the band what better song to play next than “Free-For-All” to remind us that America is great and free.

Ted loved being in the heart of the steel city and at the historic “Carnegie Library of Homestead: Music Hall”, towards the end of his set he told a story about a famous hunter and bow manufacturer born in Waynesboro, PA by the name of “Fred Bear” followed by the timeless “Cat Scratch Fever”             The encore was “The Great White Buffalo”   followed by Ted’s version of our national anthem to close out one heck of a concert. Ted brought the spirit of the wild all night long in his music and dialogue and the fans surely appreciated all of his talents. I wore my American gear to this show and left feeling more American through the power of music from an old school rock god that happens to be so right hes never wrong. Political views aside Ted Nugent is still a shredder and a force to be reckoned with and in the end it’s only the music that matters at a concert. Ted’s personality just adds to the vibe and in his own words “Maybe I should start charging double?” because you leave with a lot of laughter and a lot of great music. Please go to this show if you get a chance.