CD Review: John Lee Hooker’s Whiskey & Wimmen

When you think of a blues legend, you might think of a soul singing songs of pain and poverty on the front porch somewhere in the Delta.  What John Lee Hooker did was not quite the traditional blues-man’s approach.  Hooker combined elements that made it almost hard to not move your feet.  His lyrics where of women and a sexual yearning.  His guitar lines, haunting and memorable.  A younger generation may only know “Boom Boom” from it’s use in commercials but Whiskey & Wimmen hopefully will give a Gary Clark Jr. generation a chance to appreciate the depth of Hooker’s talent and innovation.  Songs like “Big Legs, Tight Skirt”, “Grinder” and “Boogie Chillun” will surely grab your attention if you are new to this master’s catalog and leave you wanting to seek out his catalog.  The blues, strike that, music was better for his contribution.  You can pre-order Whiskey & Wimmen now at