CD Review: Blackmore’s Night – To the Moon and Back-20 Years and Beyond

It has been 20 years and 10 studio albums and many Richie Blackmore fans have refused to accept that the iconic guitarist should do anything but play Deep Purple and Rainbow songs. Finally though Richie’s moratorium on electricity has been broken, Rainbow has done some live shows and fans can finally stop and give a unbiased listen to the work of Blackmore’s Night. The band has just released To the Moon and Back-20 Years and Beyond and this is a perfect opportunity for listeners to hear what they have been missing. Is it Joe Lynn Turner or the Man on the Silver Mountain? No, but what is instead is beautiful melodies and rich, layer textures and in that some downright amazing guitar playing. Ask any guitarist that has tried to play something fast or intricate on an acoustic, it’s not an easy thing. If to you listen to the guitar work and you can imagine what it would sound like if you were able to mental stomp on a distortion pedal, you really do hear that Richie’s playing is not all that different to the man that blistered on Purple’s Live In Japan.  You can easy into it by listening to their cover of Rainbow’s “I Surrender”. Candice’s voice is so easy to listen to and comforting. It should be noted that she provides background vocals in Rainbow’s current live band.  For fans of the work of Deep Purple, Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen and the like, this is a great package to pick up for a change of pace.  It’s not Enya but great listen when you are stressed and need to unwind. 

Track Listing:

1.) Shadow Of The Moon
2.) Spirit Of The Sea
3.) Renaissance Faire
4.) Play Minstrel Play
5.) Under A Violet Moon
6.) Spanish Nights
7.) Fires At Midnight
8.) Ghost Of A Rose
9.) Cartouche
10.) Village Lanterne
11.) The Circle
12.) 25 Years
13.) Dandelion Wine
14.) Home Again (live)

1.) I Surrender (bonus track)
2.) Moonlight Shadow (2017 version)
3.) Somewhere Over The Sea (2017 version)
4.) Writing On The Wall (2017 version)
5.) Coming Home (2017 version)
6.) Ghost Of John (bonus track)
7.) Minstrel Hall
8.) Possum Goes To Prague
9.) Durch den Wald zum Bach Haus
10.) Nur eine Minute
11.) Village Dance
12.) Land Of Hope And Glory (2017 single version)
13.) Bonus Video