Episode 310: Doug Aldrich of The Dead Daisies

In Episode 310 of the Iron City Rocks Podcast we are joined by Doug Aldrich of The Dead Daisies. The Dead Daises are made up of John Corabi (vocals), Doug Aldrich (guitar), David Lowy (guitar), Marco Mendoza (bass), and...

Joe Walsh and Bad Company – First Niagara Pavilion – 6/28/2016

All Photos by Steve Kalinsky

Episode 309: Michael Schenker

In Episode 309 of the Iron City Rocks Podcast we are joined by Michael Schenker himself.  Michael talks to us about his latest DVD That One Night: Live in Madrid.  as well Michael Schenker Fest, his thoughts on the...
drive for a cure_low

Drive For The Cure

As a special incentive to register for Iron City Rocks listeners register your foursome now for the Drive For The Cure and get 4 tickets to an upcoming concert. Drive For A Cure- Golf Scramble in Loving Memory of...

Episode 308: Bobby Blotzer of Ratt

In Episode 308 of the Iron City Rocks Podcast we are joined by Bobby Blotzer of the band Ratt.  Bobby talks with us about the current state of the Ratt Pack including many candid comments about his former band-mates....

Episode 307: Brad Whitford and Derek St. Holmes

In Episode 307 of the Iron City Rocks Podcast we are joined by Brad Whitford of Aerosmith and Derek St. Holmes of the Ted Nugent band.  Together these these two iconic forces have reunited Whitford/St. Holmes.  We talk about...

Steel Panther – Stage AE – 5/22/2016

Steel Panther roared into Pittsburgh’s Stage AE through one hell of a party.  Known for their over the top show, x-rated lyrics and hysterical stage banter it is hard to not have fun at a Steel Panther show.  Storming...

Alice Cooper – Stage AE – 5/20/2016

Alice Cooper has been a staple of rock for several decades, and the 68-year-old singer shows no signs of slowing down.  His voice sounds as good as it ever did and still knows how to command a stage and...

Episode 306: Paul Nelson and Richard Lee Jackson

In Episode 306 of the Iron City Rocks Podcast we are joined by Grammy Award-winning producer and phenomenal guitarist, Paul Nelson.  Paul talks to us about his 2016 album, Badass Generation, which is available now.  Paul was a long-time...

Episode 305: Johannes Eckerström from Avatar and Madame Mayhem

In Episode 305 of the Iron City Rocks Podcast we talk to Avatar vocalist Johannes Eckerström about their current US tour, Playing the Worlds Loudest Month Festivals and their new album Feathers & Flesh.  We are also joined by...